THE GALAXY TRIO: "Saucers Over Vegas" 10"/CD ES105 OUT OF PRINT

es105 Estrus Records presents THE GALAXY TRIO with their smokin' all-instro surf/punk debut, "Suacers Over Vegas." After seeing these Portland, OR. natives deliver the goods live it was obvious that they didn't need no stinkin' big studio wankin' to get it on, these cats peeled paint offa cars in the parking lot! So we threw'em into Egg Studios, gave'em a case of Schmidt and had'em blast thru their shit live, direct to 2-track and the result is the "Saucers Over Vegas" 10"/CD. Eight dark powerful instros hot outta da harem and ready for a brawl, sorta like a warped melding of The Wipers & Dick Dale! So, slap on that turban and keep watchin' the skies, 'cause there are "Saucers Over Vegas" and THE GALAXY TRIO can't be far behind!