MONO MEN: "T.S.B." 10"/CD ES108

es108 The MONO MEN are back and burning up the lanes with their brand new 10-song, 10-inch turbojet recorded live, loud and brazen at the one and only Savidge Lanes Bowling Alley& Lounge in beautiful downtown Bloomington, IL! This drunken slab o' trash serves as the audio evidence of the beer drenched bachelor party that kicked off last summer's sinsational southern "Sin & Tonic" tour complete with open lanes, cold beer and striptease! Estrus Records has captured this lascivious lowbrow luau of lecherous lunkheads in all of it's uncensored, uninhibited, Bowl-O-Phonic© glory and wrapped it up inna unabashed super deluxe die-cut "peep-show" Chantronic® cover (10"-only) for your home listening enjoyment! So crack open a six pack, grab yer favorite ball, and crank that stereo up pal, Īcause its' time for a little "Strip n' Bowl", courtesy of the MONO MEN!