THE STATICS: "Pinball Junkies" 10" EP ES109  OUT OF PRINT

es109 Those lurid lo-fi lane lizards from White Center, WA., THE STATICS, serve up six brand new slash and burn slopfests on their Estrus Records debut,the "Pinball Junkies" 10" ep! Yup,the Zach Pack are back and bashing it out 2-chords at a time (as usual) on their best batch o' shit yet...pinball addiction, alley stomping, bad radio retardation and rock n' roll's all here on THE STATICS "Pinball Junkies" 10" ep! These cats have been featured on a slew of near impossible to find but always smokin' slabs in the past, and THE STATICS "Pinball Junkies" 10" ep is no exception ...pure stat-o-fonic shock therapy!