THE 1-4-5's: "Rock n' Roll Spook Party" 10"/CD ES116 OUT OF PRINT

es116 Those helmeted heroes of hoopla, THE 1-4-5's, are back from their journey to the Far East, and it seems they've learned a few tactics in terror. Fans of this foursome will know what to expect from their new 10" slab o' slop: more of the same! So strap yourself in for more speedy, lo-fi, hi-fun three-chord rocket fuel action! This 10-inch terror is chock full of horrifying howls, ear-shattering screams, bomping bass, and growling guitars...ten tracks of thermaldynamic trash that are sure to send you and yours running for cover. You won't want to get caught alone when these unstoppable Ghost Riders of Goof Rock come to haunt your abode. So, call all your friends, turn off the lights, wait till the clock strikes twelve, and get ready to skank the night away with your very own "Rock'n'Roll Spook Party!".