THE SPLASH 4: "Filth City" 10"/CD ES117 OUT OF PRINT

es117 The boys (and gal) are back in in town, motherfuckers...that's right, fresh from their recent swing thru the great Pacific Northwest, Estrus Records presents the latest slab o' slop from Paris' premier punk pathologists THE SPLASH FOUR...the lobe lashin' "FILTH CITY" 10"/CD! Eight down 'n' dirty tracks recorded at the legendary, and now defunct, Toe Rag Studios in London. This slab is the filthily fevered follow-up to last year's full-length head shot the "KICKS IN STYLE" LP/CD and is a brain burnin' assault that calls up the likes of BUZZCOCKS, EYES, THE MAD and THE ACTION SWINGERS. Dysfunctional mod mutilation with more than a touch of sardonic guitar moxie. So, grab that bottle of Mad Dog, Skanky and get ready for some prime Parisian punk piledrivin' courtesy of the SPLASH sure to watch for these cats on tour in the US this coming Spring!