MAN OR ASTROMAN?: "Destroy All Astromen!" LP/CD ES1215

es1215 URGENT TRANSMISSION: Send your men of science quick! Man or Astro-Man? are back and deadlier than ever with their latest full-length album of intergalactic all-instro insanity..."DESTROY ALL ASTRO-MEN!". This ragin' space puck collects 23 cuts (21 on the CD) from the band's veritable black hole of 7" singles along with a few alternate versions that have until now only existed on parallel worlds. Be warned! This petroleum based saucer explodes with lethal, reverb drenched blasts of high intensity RayGun Rock© so strong that they could shatter the very fabric of the universe! So Remember, if the world is to survive it must "DESTROY ALL ASTRO-MEN!"...or at least buy the record.