THE WOGGLES: "The Zontar Sessions" CD ES1217 OUT OF PRINT

es1217Here it is, the second full-length LP/CD from THE WOGGLES: "THE ZONTAR SESSIONS"! This 12" sizzler collects cuts from the band's first four singles,originally released between 1990 - 1993 , onto one big platter...a 3-chord aural buffet served up as only the Professor and crew can do'em, hot, sweaty and satisfyin'. This sucker is just drippin' with high cholesterol, artery cloggin' entrees, 15 killer cuts in all on the vinyl version and 14 on the compact disc. So grab a handful o' grease sheets, slip into yer sharkskin, and slap on THE WOGGLES: "THE ZONTAR SESSIONS"'ll be glad ya did!