THE MAKERS: "All Night Riot!!" CD ES1220 LP OUT OF PRINT

es1220 Those bad seeds gone badder have returned with their toughest offering yet, the "All Night Riot!!" LP/CD. 16 trashy slices of lo-fidelity "rumble rock" guaranteed to shimmy-shake the pants right offa you! Direct from Spokane, Washington States infamous Felony Flats, the impeccably dressed lads of ill-repute have flung down the gauntlet to music mavens everywhere. "All Night Riot!!"'s senses-shattering rhythm n' beat assault will render even the most jaded hipster speechless. Dumb ass chuckleheaded posers will eat dust and flee to their parents basements in shame. If you thought these cat's last full-length bowl o' slop ,"Howl", was da shit, prepare yerself for the wildest, nastiest, horniest stomp n' shuffle this side of The Sonics....welcome to hell, kiddies, you have been duly warned!