TEENGENERATE: "Smash Hits!" LP/CD ES1222

es1222 OK Slim, it's time ta pull those chopsticks outta yer ass and slap on the outta control rock n'roll assault of the TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!" LP/CD!15 doses of revved-up and raw punk fury culled from Fink & Co's unrelenting kamikaze barrage of 7" buzz bombs released on various labels over the past couple o' years...only the best of the best from Japan's undisputed garage/punk overlords,TEENGENERATE! A fast and furious firebomb of feedback and thunder tailor made for your next dragstrip showdown or house wreckin' party! So, give those worn out singles a rest...back over yer radio,redline yer tach. and get ready to smash it up with TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!"