IMPALA: "Square Jungle" LP/CD ES1224 OUT OF PRINT

es1224 Memphis' enigmatic emissaries of twang, IMPALA are back with their frenzied full-length follow-up to last years smokin' "Kings Of The Strip" ep...the "Square Jungle" LP/CD! This bourbon fueled bar burner features Twelve brand new all-instro meltdowns recorded by Mr. Roland James at the one and only Sam Phillips Recording Studios and runs the rails from sleek n' sultry sleaze-o-phonic saxophone work-outs to rough n' ready telecaster twistfests...each one sure to cause the bottles to tip and the sauce to flow. Be it low key or no key these cats score aces across the board for belting it out with more than enough flair ta spare! So remember, when the last blink of that rusty neon sign catches yer eye and some stormy snakecharmer's leading you from the doorstep of some smoky'd be wise ta have a copy of IMPALA "Square Jungle" waitin' on ice at the pad dad...dig?