es1229 After years of rock research, top scientists of sound and Estrus enginineers discovered that an aural pleasure spot in the human ear is naturally stimulated by a single chord progression. Further ultrasonic studies identified the chord proression to one commonly known as "One-Four-Five." Behind closed doors, an elite rock militia was immediately assembled from the finest troops to form a trash strike force, codename: THE 1-4-5S. This SWAT team of lo-fi rock spent years in a top secret federal garage analyzing and combining standard rock ingredients for the development of formulaic rock songs about cars, girls, bravado, outer space, dance moves, and, of course, the 1-4-5s. Using the most modern digital technophonic equipment, these operatives were isolated in a demilitarized sound lab to record and edit their tantilizingly short songs to microsonic precision. The result: a twelve inch slab of 100% post-consumer rock'n'roll that will satiate the demand for rock music once and for all.