THE MAKERS: "Hunger" CD ES1232

es1232 Those bad boys of smash are back with the years most potent blast of unfiltered trash...THE MAKERS "Hunger" LP/CD...16 tuff n' ready tracks sure to get yer ass offa the mat and straight onto the rack, baby! A writhin' punk rock prescription that's beyond description, a revved up rock n' roll revolution, a non-stop slop n' soul solution, that's guaranteed to cauterize that contusion and clear up any confusion as to the fact that THE MAKERS are the undisputed JD rock heavyweight champions of the world. Reco rded by Mr. Tim Kerr at Egg Studios THE MAKERS "Hunger" LP/CD captures alla the swagger and sweat these cats exude live in the relative safety of yer own, hide alla the glass and get ready to shake yer ass with THE MAKERS "Hunger" LP/CD.