es1233 The masters of Garage/Pop MODulation are back in action with their second full-length slab of fuzz infected inamorata with THE INSOMNIACS "Out Of It" LP/CD. Fifteen tuff tracks of sugar-coated arsenic and buzz-pop bliss about lost loves and missing cigare ttes recorded at NYC's famed Coyote Studios and mixed by Tim "Soul Man" Kerr. The sessions took a supernatural turn when guitar tracks would spontaneously erase only to be replaced by the sound of a conga drum. Exorcising the "evil conga" from the mixing desk entailed a bizarre ritual involving a (dread) lock of Tim Kerr's hair, black girl incense, and shrimp chips. When the sweet, fishy smoke cleared, the sound was pure rock and roll. That¹s right...ROCK N' ROLL! The Shoes, The Easybeats, The Small Faces ...THE INSOMNIACS got the songs, the hooks and the balls to meet their influences head on without the slightest flinch. So prepare yerself for absolute fuzz/pop perfection with THE INSOMNIACS "Out Of It" LP/CD.