SUGAR SHACK: "Five Weeks Ahead of My Time" LP/CD ES1238  OUT OF PRINT

es1238 Get offa yer ass, Johnny, 'cause Houston, TX's own punk-rock hombres, SUGAR SHACK, are back with a brand-new slab of 14 short 'n' sweet, no-bullshit rave-ups recorded by Mr. Tim Kerr at Austin's own Sweat Box Studios. This burning hunk o' smoke shows the band at their hard-drinkin', bad-dog best--believe it! The addition of LORD HIGH FIXERS' trap basher Stefanie Paige Friedman adds even more power to that drivin' SUGAR SHACK attack. No one kind of influence here; just a smattering of primal '60's punk, HEARTBREAKERS, CHUCK BERRYISMS, MC-5 straight-aheadisms and twisted Texas punk-rock feedback noise with some GREGG GINNISMS thrown in for good measure. It's like a mile-long paddle out in the muddy, polluted Gulf Coast swill; a torrential downpour of sickening Pasadena refinery distilled crap, with a swarm of encephalitis-infected mosquitoes. go Space Shitty, I mean City!!