es1243 Quit yer primpin' n' preenin' Pauline, 'cause Japan's premier double ray-gun guitar slayers GASOLINE are set to burn your playhouse down with their incendiary self-titled Estrus Records debut LP/CD...GASOLINE! This feedback infused firebomb of fortuitous fury blends the manic buzzsaw squawk of mod r'n'b blues with the primal slop-tone attack of vintage MC5 Dee-troit ROCK'N'FUCKIN'ROLL! ThatŐs right brothers and sisters...No experimental - space - ambient - lounge shit here, just 14 blazing tracks of nitro-laced pyro-maniac combustorama ROCK'N'FUCKIN'ROLL guaranteed ta leave you gasping in a smoldering grave of cremated ruin! And who better to capture alla this chaos than Tim "Noise Master" Kerr his' want more? How 'bout a retina shreddin' sleeve from the one and only House of Chantry? You got it,baby! So, listen up Largo, GASOLINE have proven rock n' roll is not only alive, but on FIRE! So get it while it's HOT, and watch for these cats on tour in yer town soon - GASOLINE!