IMPALA "Play R&B Favorites" LP/CD ES1245  OUT OF PRINT

es1245 From the 40's to the 90's...from surf to soundtracks to R 'n B and all points in between - nobody shakes 'em down like Impala! Estrus Bail Bonds is proud to present the "Play R & B Favorites" LP/CD - 14 tracks of blasting saxuality and reverb-drenched sleaze from the one and only Memphis-born masters of scotch-and-water wail - Impala! Believe it, Hondo, "Play R & B Favorites" is a late-night ballin', asphalt-searin' collection of classic Impala singles, rare compilation tracks, and unreleased outtakes from the historic "Square Jungle" and "Kings of the Strip" sessions - all on one flatback slab o' sound. And for all you free-basing vinyl degenerates, "Play R & B Favorites" features one fully loaded, head explodin' LIVE track, exclusive to the LP version. So whatcha waitin' for Monkey boy? Knock back that mickey, run the red and let your backbone slip with the smoke-filled swagger of Impala's "Play R & B Favorites"!!!