THE VON ZIPPERS "Bad Generation" LP/CD ES1247 

es1247 What do you get when you cross the ugliest of hot-to-trot foreign exchange students with the despot leader of a not-so-legendary outlaw motorcycle club? The Von Zippers, Baby, that's wot! Fresh from recording their most-latest and most certainly most-greatest slew of spew, these three drunkass dunkaufts have reaffirmed their title as the chittlin' eatin' champions of the "lowerbrau" set with the release of their debut full-length foray...the fornicationally fortified "Bad Generation" LP/CD! This 12-song blitzkrieg of bad taste was recorded in a blind stupor at the suave basement digs of Budget Ape Studios (centrally located under a world class "European Touch" massage parlor, in beautiful downtown Calgary, AB, Canada) with the band pausing only to refuel on a deadly combo of warm cheap beer, strong black coffee, and refreshingly cool Aqua Velva, leaving naught in their wake but a messy trail of broken Heineken bottles, busted guitars and a twisted tapeful of twelve teutonic tirades 'bout bad ideas, bad women and bad transit, not to mention the genuine displeasure of living under a generation that's simply RUN OUTTA TIME. A soundtrack of two-minute battery acid blitzkriegs and hollow point-meets-Kevlar vocals that recalls The Pack on smack, The Mummies on meth or perhaps The Vibrators on valvoline...lean, mean n' unclean trash/punk r'n'r that'll burn the hair right offa yer ass and sure to secure you a place in the devoid of class section at the local 401 Sadie Hawkins Day barndance. So, get in with the out crowd, and revel in the unrelenting uberpunk attack of The Von Zippers and their "Bad Generation" LP/CD. U.S. invasion planned for Mid '99.