T.V. KILLERS: "Have A Blitz On You" LP/CD ES1253  OUT OF PRINT

es1253 Here it is baby, round four of the frogpunk invasion....the TV KILLERS "Have A Blitz On You" LP/CD! A ferocious dose of fuck-you punk delivered full-force and frenzied from these wine swiggin' bad boys from Bordeaux...an adrenalin charged barrage of blisterin' faster-louder two chord smash n'crash that has earned them a rep as one of the most lethal live outfits blowin' doors in Europe and has landed them support slots with the likes of New Bomb Turks, Turbonegro, Les Thugs, Cosmic Psychos and Electric Frankenstein. This twelve track steamroller is the band's third full-length release and their first domestic release since last year's "You Kill Me" 7" e.p., which sold out immediately! Hot, furious and abrasive, the TV KILLERS never stop to kick ass all over the world, and they are headed this way! Watch for the TV KILLERS on tour throughout the U.S.A this fall...they're gonna "Have A Blitz On You"!