THE VOLCANOS "Finish Line Fever" LP ES1254  

es1254 Fire up yer planks race fans 'cause Michigan's preimer surf n' drag combo The Volcanos , have flamed up the racing slicks and delivered 14 laps of non-stop reverb charged action on their latest full-length platter, the "Finish Line Fever" LP/CD! That's right Dagwood, Detroit Dragways' 1/4 mile champs have laid down another racers dozen wet n' wild high speed track blasters of full blown all-instro surf n' turf that'll have yer gears a grindin' from the first blasts of the adrenaline fueled title track, "Finish Line Fever", straight thru to the last bad action beats of "Theme from ACTION"....THE VOLCANOS prove once again that they stand heads, shoulders and boulder holders above the current crop of surfin' scene'sters infesting the waters of late. So, get that four barreled beast offa the rack, red line the tech and get ready for a reverb drenched twin guitar magmaphonic motor city meltdown with THE VOLCANOS and their "Finish Line Fever" LP/CD! also available from THE VOLCANOS: "Surf Quake" LP/CD (ES1230), Pompeii 7" EP (ES7107) & Deora 7" EP (ES780).