es1256 Alright, Listen up ya Turkeynecks 'cause New Castle, UK's world renowned masters of the squared circle and undisputed champions of masked mexican rock n' roll mayhem, THE COYOTE MEN are staging their first musical grudge match via the digital realm with "The Coyote Men vs. El Mundo" CD. A pile drivin' 21-song throat punch featuring alla the tracks from last year's title bout behemoth "Call Of the Coyote Men" 2x7" PLUS 15, that's right, count'em up ya rubbernecks, that's FIFTEEN bonus tracks lifted from their outta print and hard to find debut "Headin' For Trouble" LP and "Primitive Urge" 7" single both orginally released in editions of 500 on the swingin' Vendetta Records label. These masked mavens of muck tag team the savage edged whomp of the Sonics, with the depth charged demeanor of the Dictators and dish out some of the most crazed size 12 waffle stomp to the face doses of animalistic Cromagnin g-punk spunk this side o' Tiajuana, dig? So, don the mask, kick back the flask and get ready for an eye gougin' rock n' riot with "The Coyote Men vs. El Mundo" CD....U.S. tour in the works.