THE COYOTE MEN: "2 Sides Of The Coyote Men" LP/CD ES1257 OUT OF PRINT

es1257 Newcastle England's masked numbchucks of muck, THE COYOTE MEN, offer up 12 rousing rounds of unabashed no holds barred "Dictatoresque" wrestle rawk wango tango on their ragin'ly raucous new 12" platter the "2 Sides Of The Coyote Men!" LP/CD! Cower in fear as these two chord tag team champs flaunt their tough and dirty sides! Feel the hair on the back of yer ass curl n' fry as THE COYOTE MEN reveal their "sensitive" sides with a flying scissor kick to the kidneys followed by Helmut the Bruisers dreaded halitosis headlock. That's right Bongo, these four action clad swingers are more fun than a folding chair to the back of the head and proudly pose the musical question...where are my god damn shoes?!!. Nuff get ready to shake it down with the high intensity squared circle shake n' bake sounds of THE COYOTE MEN and their "2 Sides of The Coyote Men" LP/CD! Also available: THE COYOTE MEN "Vs. El Mundo" CD ESD1256.