WATTS: "s/t" LP/CD ES1258 

es1258 You wanted LOUD, well stand band mutha fukka 'cause YOU GOT IT! Rising from the ashes of legendary NW power chord pushers the Mono Men, the post monolithic power house WATTS has hit ground with amps wide open and are set to not only blow your speakers, but your funky little minds as well with their straight-up n' electrifin' brand of raw rock 'n' roll power!! Ten tracks of bad ass power rock swagger that's the sonic equivalent of a steel-toed kick in the ass!! Taking bits and pieces from early white soul, seminal garage, 70's hard rock and '80's Aussie omph ex-Mono Men Crider & Dog, Jeff "Iron Lung" Braimes and acquitted serial killer Chris DeGon have melded their own brand of high-voltage 100% Power Rock power, with enough spit polished vocal hooks, and electrified pornstar guitar blasts to keep you hummin' like a squirrel monkey in heat! So roll up BOTH sleeves, baby, and get ready for a raw power rock inoculation, a live wire stimulation, a goddamned hard rock revelation of heat seekin' guitar charged 100 % Power Rock salvation! Ladies and gentlemen, WATTS have stormed the building and are gonna burn that mutha down!