THE NO-TALENTS: "...Want Some More!" LP/CD ES1259 OUT OF PRINT

es1259 After a fistful of singles and their highly acclaimed debut full-length explosion, The No Talents have joined forces with Estrus Records for their latest and greatest 12-inch stomper, THE NO-TALENTS "...Want Some More!" LP/CD. Thirteen tracks of trashy Parisian punk recorded by ex-Toe Rag guru Liam Watson at the famed Pathway Studios in London (where the first Damned LP was recorded not to mention literally hundreds of early '80's punk/DIY classics)... and the results are even ballsier and more abrasive than before. A stiff right uppercut of obnoxious hi-energy trash that's noisy and ferocious, fusing Cecilia M.'s snotty burd vocals and Lili Z.'s (who also bashes guitar for The Splash 4) nasty broken glass power chord blitzkrieg with a pummeling rhythm section that kicks the stall like the primest of the prime "Killed By Death" slop. So, grab a brick and get ready for some raw assed punk'n'roll retardation from THE NO TALENTS!...hey, all they want is MORE!!! World invasion set for 1999.