LORD HIGH FIXERS: "Is Your Club A Secret Weapon?" CD ES1260 

es1260 pssssst...hey, come here. come way over here... because we are way over here.. What are you waiting for? The time is tomorrow NOW! Time. Now time brothers and sisters, because THE LORD HIGH FIXERS have delivered their most powerful musical lesson/weapon yet in the form of the "Is Your Club a Secret Weapon" LP/CD. A documentation proclamation! a proclamation of free/freethinking, free will...as in what the hell is going on, under, down, and around- wind changing proclamation! A 10 megaton bullshit destroying testimonial that masterfully incorporates snarlin' Mike Carrolls jaguar howl vocals along with elements of down and dirty texas punk, free jazz, drivin' blues and soul with an unparalleled intensity and depth...THE LORD HIGH FIXERS, fueled by freedom, revolution, self determination and feedback, go further down the dial searching still searching because if you ain't searching you are drop dead stagnant! come on, breathe - Big Daddy Soul