THE QUADRAJETS: "When The World's On Fire" LP/CD ES1262 OUT OF PRINT

es1262 Well, if you get this record the world didn't blow up. So let's get FUCKED up! You know every band has it's corresponding drug, with the 'Jets, it's whisky Rock-N-Roll! Let's drink to the new triple-guitar flamethrowin' music of the Quadrajets. The New ESTRUS Long Play release, "When The World's on Fire," marks the explosive follow-up to the acclaimed 1998 release (also on Estrus), "Pay The Deuce." 1O tracks of original recipe,smooth tastin', CERTIFIED GENUINE ASS KICKIN' SOUTHERN FRIED ROCK, plus one damn electrifying tribute to feedback--Blue Cheer's "Second Time Around." Yip, in the 'Jets new 2000 proof batch of backwoods 'shine, you can drink up the energy of new Rock-n-Roll, with it's special added ingredient of blues, and a bit of a punk after-taste too, it'll blow your world. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION- recorded by Tim Kerr and Jack Endino, this sonic shot of firewater goes down extra smooth. Belly-up to the bar and ask for a new drink; "When The World's On Fire" packs the punch of Judgement Day at the speed of light, and, it might even be better than the End Of the World. NO HANGOVERS.