THE DRAGS "Set Right Fit To Blow Clean Up" LP/CD ES1263 OUT OF PRINT

es1263 BORN IN A BARN: So, sure - the airplane hanger fell through, but the New Mexican barn was eager and willing, and so the American Barn Rock era of the Drags was born. After a lengthy cigarette break, CJ and Lorca Drag plotted to push their gloriously ramshackle guitar/ bass/ drum simplicity into nude directions. The decision was made to enlist the superb veteran talents of superrock skinsman Ron Skrasek (also Scared of Chaka) and fuzz/effects guitar wizzard Scott Derr (ex-Monoshock) into the Drags fold. The result? A melange of country honk, heretical distorto-blues boogie, and straight ahead fast and loose punk all done up in the traditonally unhinged Drags style. As tight as loose can get, "Set Right Fit To Blow Clean Up" is a drawn-out, all-night long tryst-changing pace and rhythm while pushing all the right buttons, driving you into a fit of moustached ecstacy. Imagine having your long-lost brother show up to Thanksgiving Dinner reborn as an extremely hot woman - a strange, titilating experience, but all the while very familiar and sooooo nasty.