es1265 ...peoples get ready, Īcause the FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM are primed and ready to shake it...shake it for the world, smartass! These four finely feathered fountleroys of the eternal flame have arrived from the future via Missoula, MT to foil all weak assed rockers of tomorrow by smashin' their hash today...NOW TIME! And their proclamation, you ask? The "Total Fucking Blowout" LP/CD! A 12-song sonic deconstruction of cranium meltin' pre-hardcore punk, Roland Kirk/Pharaoh Sanders free-thunk, Cream fortified Lip Flamin' psych/flashback spunk and I'll be god damned flat out judo choppin' Humble Pie al' mode!..all served up with a cinderblock smashing side o' Bruce Lee paint peelin' power poundin' rock n' roll action, Jackson! The result? "Total Fucking Blowout"....a scientific-priestcraft, long whispered about in underground, echoes ringing through the halls of sonic splendor, rising-supernatural static, scattered through a velvet dawn cities broken lover feeling the pain creeping on the ether. Close your eyes and burst into flames! ....Baby can you feel it!! CAN YOU FEEL IT!

The FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM "Total Fucking Blowout" LP/CD. Recorded by Tim Kerr at Egg Studios Seattle. Sleeve design by Art Chantry. Vinyl limited to 1,000 copies. Watch for FOF in your town Y2K whilst on their "Spreading The Legacy" Tour 2000...end communication.