SUGAR SHACK: "Get Out of My World" LP/CD ES1267 OUT OF PRINT

es1267 Grab yer ankles and blow that big kiss goodbye Nappy Īcause Houston, Texas' lean, mean, beer guzzlin' raunch n' roll machine, Sugar Shack, is back with their fourth full-length slab of torqued up, hip bustin' sonic savagery. This filthy mongrel barks out 14 loud n' proud punk rock encrusted blasts that mangle low down 60's punk, Black Flag umph, Alice Cooper pump and 70's/early 80's hoodlum scuzz...all beamed in straight from the bowels of Space City central and captured onto tape by Tim Kerr at Austins' Sweatbox studios. Powered by the mean and muscular rhythm machine of Lord High Fixer Stefanie Paige Friedman on drums and ex-Zorlac skate team legend Johnny Gibson on bass the Shack pack have been blowing minds and tearing up every stage they storm, leaving a sea of slack jawed true believers in their wake. So, Listen up! It's time to get high everybody, that's right Get high with Sugar Shack and their blisterin' "Get Out of My World" LP/CD...Man, if you can't dig this shit, pull your head out of the ditch, Īcause you're already in the grave! Cover art by Art Chantry. Vinyl Limited to 1,000 copies.