THE GIMMICKS: "Honeymoon's Over" LP/CD ES1268 OUT OF PRINT

es1268Hot on the tracks of last years razor edged "High Heels" EP, Seattle's most hated sons, THE GIMMICKS have unleashed their debut full-length fuzz gunned twilight zone scuzzfest, the "Honeymoon's Over" LP/CD! Recorded deep in the bowels of Texas with Tim "Kamikaze" Kerr behind the board this 10-track trogadelic testimonial of trash packs alla the throb, lurch, grind, strut, swagger and vicious swamp heat beat that is THE GIMMICKS. So, give in to the get loose or get lost lifestyles of these smack city rebels. Zero in and scream, baby scream, cause desperation never tasted this good. The sound of yesterdays tomorrow today...The "Honeymoon's Over" but the revolution's just begun, mutha fukka and it's time to join THE GIMMICKS on the front line...THE GIMMICKS "Honeymoon's Over" LP/CD. File Under: Scientists/Birthday Party/Olympic Sideburns/Stewges scuzzsaw rock supreme. Recorded by Tim Kerr at Sweatbox Studios Austin. Sleeve design by Art Chantry. Vinyl limited to 1,000 copies.