VON ZIPPERS "Blitzhacker" CD ES1270

es1270 "Duh, who the hell turned out the lights?" shout headlines 'cross the nation, as the Barons of Beer Barrel Botulism (or Von Zippers to some) return to even the score and unleash their cruelest, most inhumane weapon of ass-numbing destruction yet. Drunken, deposed, and now deported from their home and native Canada, these three dumb schmucks (in conjunction wit' da rocket scientists here at Estrus) have pulled out all the stops and created the ultimate form of retaliation, one mighty little mofo indeed, the "Blitzhacker." CD! Five gut-wrenching years in the making (recorded whilst blind drunk on bathroom breaks), this unruly little dog's breakfast of riled 'n' relentless rock 'em sock 'em is culled from all the VON ZIPPERS single/comp output to date (including their notoriously-rare Al's Liver 7" tracks). Now if you be expectin' a healthy helpin' of 'world is your oyster' optimism, high precision math rock, or slickly produced stoo-dio bum-twaddle, then look elsewhere, Edwardo, 'cuz whatcha get here is a beat-it-down, bash-it-out ramalama shitmix of sharp jabs, eye-blackening hooks, and rock-solid uppercuts. All delivered with trademark urgency and the kind of fall-on-your-face enthusiasm these fine feathered fist magnets are famous for. So, whatcha waitin' for? Get drunk, get bent, and get hairy, with the VON ZIPPERS, and a veritable gym sock breakfast of rock, the "Blitzhacker" CD!