THE INSOMNIACS "Get Something Goin'" LP/CD ES1272

es1272 New Jerseys' premier mod infused power trio THE INSOMNIACS are back in the saddle with their long awaited followup to 1997's "Out of It" LP/CD....the "GET SOMETHING GOING!" LP/CD! 13 ass-shakin', neck-breakin', Mutha-funken' frankenblasts! From the 1-2 punch of "E-G-A-R-A-G" and "Funkensteen" to the sunshine sparkle of "Tear It Out", GET SOMETHING GOING! further refines the Insomniacs trademark hooks and raves. Pulse poundin' guitars! Crack smackin' drums! Booty thumpin' bass! Angelic choirboy harmonies (well, maybe except for the gowns)! Sitars! Backwards masking! Mood Rings! Shag Carpet and hooks, baby HOOKS! All caught on tape by a manic engineer deranged from countless smacks-upside-the-head from the one and only Godfather of Soul. Believe it, The Insomniacs deliver the excitement -- it's up to you to FEEL it! The time is now! Time to get going and "GET SOMETHING GOING!" with THE INSOMNIACS! VINYL LP EDITION LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES. SLEEVE DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY