es1274 Those sticky, sweet bubblegum rockers the Bobbyteens are back at it again boyz with their 2nd full length pounder the "Not So Sweet" CD. Eleven short n' sweet songs about boys, sex, boys, heartbreaks, boys and rock n roll from this San Franciscan trash rock pedigreed foursome (two ex-Trashwomen & one ex-Mummie/Phantom Surfer)! Revved up, ratbox guitar power chord slop pop chops that pounds like a backseat banshee in heat! Think Runaways, The Ramones, Nikki & The Corvettes, Real Kids, Suzi Quatro...sweaty leather jumpsuits, high heels, fast cars, power chords and a bottle of booze. These gals have traded in their roller derby skates for switchblades and a pack of strap'em on, light'em up and get ready to get it on with THE BOBBYTEENS and their "Not So Sweet" CD!