THE FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS "The Now Hustle For New Diaboliks" LP/CD ES1276

es1276 The Proverbial thorn in the side of power chord pageantry and tired rock posturing, The Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens stand upright to raise the bar on the hot rock dynamic. The means: Estrus Sound Laboratories and corresponding affiliations within the Young Lions Conspiracy to design and distribute eleven songs which comprise The Guilloteens most recent effort, "The Now Hustle For New Diaboliks" LP/CD. A call and response of urgent proportions usher the exit theme for hot stepper inductees of the new sound order; wretched twang sorcery, solid low-end science, explosive percussive and wretched diatribes with sultry hip gyrations. Escheat your minds no more. We invite you to participate and walk forward with action. Recorded by Tim Kerr. VINYL LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES.