MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? "Beyond the Black Hole" CD ES1278

es1278 Everybody's favorite non-Speilberg created extra-terrestrials, MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?, have once again docked at starbase ESTRUS with a 12-song cargo of atomic charged interstellar insanity almost ten years in the making...the "BEYOND THE BLACK HOLE" CD! Utilizing methods known only to themselves MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? have actually warped the very fabric of the time/space continuum and RE-present tracks from their long out of print/import only Australian release "What Remains Inside A Black Hole" in a completely NEW AND IMPROVED FORM! REMIXED! REMASTERED! REGURGITATED! Featuring retina melting NEW artwork transmitted straight from the frontal lobe of MR. ART CHANTRY, the "BEYOND THE BLACK HOLE" CD gathers together prime single and compilation tracks from the first phase of the ASTRO-INVASION circa 1993-1996. So, strap on that intergalactic headgear and prepare yourself for the unexplainable mind-numbing terror that lies "BEYOND THE BLACK HOLE"!
...end transmission.