es1280Pop that top and get ready to rock, baby, ROCK!...'cause Raleigh, NC's resident robot killin' machinehead, THE CHERRY VALENCE, have taken a breather from their non-stop rock n' roll missionary work just long enough to record their debut full-length slab, the self titled, THE CHERRY VALENCE LP/CD! Eleven tracks of down n' dirty double drum/dueling guitar propelled wango tango that's been described as a mutant crossbreeding of The Chocolate Watchband AND Black Flag. These southern fried foundation shakers also tip the hat to and kick the gravestones of Sir Lord Baltimore, James Brown, Slade and Blue Cheer. Loud, Louder, LOUDEST! But, whom do THE CHERRY VALENCE claim as like minded kin in sin now time 2001? The Fucking Champs, The Tight Bros (from Way Back When) and The Fireballs of Freedom are all invited to the friday night barbeque beer bash. Take note: THE CHERRY VALENCEs' ex-prison van is greased, primed and ready to roll the TCV testimonial on another cross country, rock n' roll revival tour thru-out the U.S.A. this coming Spring/Summer. So, dust off that box of blasting caps, grease up yer rawk n' roll hawg and prepare thyself for the Booty Shakin', Cash n' Burn Action! that is THE CHERRY VALENCE! FILE UNDER: THE NOW SOUND OF THE NEW RISING SOUTH. VINYL LP LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES.