FEDERATION X "American Folk Horror" LP/CD ES1282

es1282 There is a shack alive in the woods. boarded up. shards of glass. amplified. It's a folktale, a grave dug in earnest. It is a portrayal of everything broken, and everything surviving. Shadowed by it's caving roof are Federation X. Their picture is a dreamers dream, loud and saturated, guitar chaos with hatchet in hand. Hands clap out rhythm with the sweating drums as the neck of a beaten guitar is drug with a bow strung with steel. A hunt is on, through the urban jungles and the darkest thickest woods. The dogs are screaming in the distance. Another shot is poured and a beast lumbers of drink, smoke, and drug. The darkness of american past and present, both natural and urban. Under a relentless and loving sun the drums beat in your veins. a mind like a heartbeat. saturated. Through sunn and ampeg drenched distortion this is modern american folk story telling, enough to tighten your skin and drive you through to the ground..."American Folk Horror" is the second full length record by Federation X. The first was released on Molasses Manifesto Records along with a few singles one released on "Tapes" records. They completed three u.s. tours in a 1977 impala "luxury" sedan and now they have enlisted the help of a van. FILE UNDER KARP MEETS HANK WILLIAMS. RECORDED BY TIM GREEN. VINYL LP LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES.