TOTAL SOUND GROUP DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE "Party Platform...Our Schedule Is Change" LP/CD ES1283

es1283total sound group direct action committee is.

thats it in a nutshell. they do, they exist they breathe and no matter what words try to build or undo, describe or dissect, total sound group direct action committee still is. influences and incoming, come from the whole menu of the 5 scenes working conscience and unconscience 24/7. take it or leave it, it makes no difference...

total sound group direct action committee is!
we remember when this all really meant something. something true. something spiritual. it still does to us and alot of our friends. as corny as that statement may sound to you, none of us involved could be bothered with what you think of us. we exist, we do and we are planting seeds. take it as it is labels, no genres......its emotion to spark emotion. if it makes you feel anything good or bad then we have been succesful. if it causes you to get up and begin your own thing....well we are overwhelmed and overjoyed! the expected reviews? "garage rock mavericks tim kerr and mike carroll team up again......blah blah blah".......preach on, you have missed the point, the reason, again.

total sound group direct action committee is.

estrus records es1283. recorded by tim kerr. cover art by damon locks. vinyl lp limited to 1,ooo copies.