THE IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS II "Love is a Charm of Powerful Trouble" LP/CD ES1285

A Rock-N-Roll duo from Lee County, Alabama, The Immortal Lee County Killers II, followed and paid respects to originators such as John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis, Skip James, Blue Cheer, MC5, and the Gun Club until the two created a new hypothesis—a new kind of blues, a new kind of punk rock. Ex-Black Panther and revolutionary activist, Eldridge Cleaver described blues as music for emotional and spiritual escape, an elixir for pain, which lacked a voice for action and change. The Immortal Lee County Killers II have given blues that voice. Now the two have broken from the Mississippi Delta blues and Rock-N-Roll tradition. Drummer J.R.R. Token promises, “....when the dust has settled and after all the smoke has cleared, you’ll know who the Killers are.” Fuck Punk Rock. Fuck Blues. Fuck Rock N Roll. Try something new. Listen to ILCKII’s “Love is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble”, the follow up release to the critically acclaimed “The Essential Fucked Up Blues.” Because The Immortal Lee County Killers II love you.