THE VON ZIPPERS "The Crime is Now" CD ES1291

WHY DON’T THESE GUYS JUST SHUT UP?” you’re thinking, as you nervously sample the wine and cheese, and fellow hot-tub party guests furrow their Botox-injected brows, unable to comprehend this deafening bunch of middle-aged no-counts and the flat headed-but-socially-conscious rubbish they’re touting as ‘The People’s Fight Against Frivolity’... “WHOSE LAME-BRAINED IDEA WAS THIS, ANYWAYS?!!” your own whiny, nasal voice now rising out loud in objection, but still inaudible through the relentless, plexi-powered din of the Von Zippers... Finally re-emerging from their dark ‘n’ dank Budget Ape basement, those still-drunk VZ chumps finally open the door to daylight and deliver their third Estrus full-length tirade, impeccably titled ‘THE CRIME IS NOW!’... Appearing on the scene as packs of drooling, mechanical robot dogs bark and march forth, appetites ravenous for crafty K-9 treats of regime change, resources, and re-election... So, shine up them spats, Jack, and dig down in those deep pockets, or why not cash in those worthless mutuals, ‘cause the VON ZIPPERS loudly proclaim, ‘THE CRIME IS NOW!’... THE VON ZIPPERS “The Crime Is Now!” CD...ES1291D. Recorded at BUDGET APE STUDIOS. Sleeve design by PAT MORIARITY.