Punk/Blues Deluxe? Broken Blues? Raw Neckbone Knawin’ Delta Fuck Rawk Explosions? Call it what you will... THUNDERCRACK shell out another twelve prime-o-teen examples of their natty Memphis meets Nancy (France) styled shit/blues swagger on their second Estrus full-length slab, simply entitled “The Crack”. Coming NOT so hot on the heels of their 1998 debut “Own Shit Home” this sanctifyingly sinful slab finds the THUNDERCRACKers adding some lowdown n’ nasty keyboard bashin’ and bell-bottomed soul/funk groove into their rough hewn twin guitar/drum raw blues attack... and this shit SURE do taste GOOD! Check it out... THUNDERCRACK not only wrote and played everything on “The Crack” but they also recorded, mixed and mastered this sucker themselves as well... Hell, Stanley Thundercrack even builds his own guitars and effects...a self-contained unit ready to hang it out with their cockroach cousins at any impromptu post apocalyptic jams that may present themselves. So, Get on the bus or get under it! The guys don’t stop for nobody, Dig? THUNDERCRACK “The Crack” CD-ONLY ES1292.