Plug In...Power Up...SWITCH ON! Those Mod-Pop mavericks THE INSOMNIACS offer up twelve hits of sticky sweet candy coated arsenic on their fourth full-length fuzz fueled fandango, the “SWITCHED ON!” LP/CD. Mr. Sinn & the Brothers Wojz divide by three and multiply by four the power pop formula perfected by such like minded hook huckers The Stems, The Shoes and The Fallouts and the sum is a shatteringly strong collection of pure fuzz pop perfection. Recorded by ex-Original Sin Dan McKinney in a series of sessions fueled by Sugar, Caffeine and cheap Beaujolais “SWITCHED ON!” finds THE INSOMNIACS tossing some new ingredients into their already tasty trademark hookified power pop pie --- a pinch of Eastern Pysch, a splash of fuzz bust stomp, a dab of big beat Balladry, a dose of ‘70’s swagger and a whole lotta sugar, baby, SUGAR! So, get ready to power up and “SWITCH ON!” with THE INSOMNIACS! VINYL LP EDITION LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES. SLEEVE DESIGN BY BILL GRAPES/POP ART PRODUCTIONS