Thaw is to reprieve as deep-fry is to clampdown. Here is a bacon-stripped work game. Forget everything dumb everyone rants about They're idiots or need examining. Few escape dereliction easily. Rare are the instances of noise experiments (that don't come out badly). Federation X has put the fire next time to tape. In an ideal world, you have heard it already. Or maybe you are just in a coma naturally. It doesn't matter a curse word. As winter moves south of Heaven, your tape deck wants for support checks. It wants, too, for the wages of sexiness. Cuand le lecteur de cassette ne marchera plus, as we used to tell ourselves. Toute la nuit derniere, jiai pleure sur mon lecteur de cassette. Cuand le lecteur de cassette ne marchera plus, il faut quion sien aille. Federation X is a band most saw drunk, that will remind you mostly of drunks and how the students got home from where the show was via the woods. From Nottingham, England to Flagstaff, Arizona; Oviedo, Spain to the streets of Baltimore - 13 tours and 300 shows later their third full length "X Patriot" and 6th record total is recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago, Illinois, after they already made out with Tim Green at his studio in good ole San Franshithole last year for their first full length estrus release. two four string guitars, one drummer, Sunn power.