Hot off the back track of last years’ B3 basted blowout, “Pork Chop” 7” Single, THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND serve up a sanctifyingly satisfying 12-course sitting of funk fortified Iowa City (?) groove stew on their debut Estrus Records full-length release, the “Let’s Cool One!” CD. Taking inspiration from Booker T. & The MG’s, The Meters, James Brown and the B3-driven, backyard barbecue jams of Jimmy Smith, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy McGriff, Lonnie Smith and Brother Jack McDuff, THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND have spent the past several years honing their hammond heavy brand of all-instro “Action Soul Sound” thru-out the mid-west . Smokier than a Tiki torch, shinier than the chrome on a rib-joint’s Formica tables, tangier than Hecky Powell’s secret sauce and funkier than a two-dollar hooker’s come-hither, the loose-limbed gentlemans D/B/A THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND have assembled a greazy, to-the-bone groove machine that’s stronger than hemp, and when they say, “LET’S COOL ONE!,” that sucka’s gonna be look for DOSS in your ‘burg soon, and be sure to grease up the dancefloor before these boys lay it down, Dig?...THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND “Let’s Cool One!” CD. ESTRUS ES2101. Sleeve design by ART CHANTRY.