Ain’t no fixin’ required on the Dt’s debut blast Hard Fixed… Ten sweat fueled tracks of Hard Soul get down recorded at Seattle’s legendary Egg Studios with Tim Kerr at the wheel. A bold departure from Sir Estrus Dave Crider’s six-string work with the Mono Men and Watts, the Dt’s draw their muse from equal parts hot n’ sweaty soul swagger and loud hard rock stagger and feature the gutsy, shit hot vocal stylings of Diana Young-Blanchard - inviting the listener in with a sultry taste, then turning with a powerful wanton wail. Drummer Phil Carter takes issues to the roof and organist Patti Bell lays down a seductive fat bottomed groove that gives the band a distinctively greasy undertone. From the sly ‘n’ sultry “Star 69” to the lowgear drive of “Proud Man,” this slab kicks from top to bottom and back again… pure rock rhythm and soul that conjures the ghosts and devils of eras past and future with a sound part borrowed, part new and all blue… a raging head on hard soul fury! If it ain’t fucked, don’t fix it. If it ain’t Hard Fixed, fuck it. THE DT’S “Hard Fixed” CD...ES2102D. Recorded by TIM KERR. Sleeve design by JIM BLANCHARD.