Tuscaloosas’ tri-guitar powered smash n’ roll titans, the Dexateens, cordially invite you to kick the shit offa your shoes and partake in the sanctifin’ sounds of the new rising South on their Estrus Records debut full length testament, THE DEXATEENS CD! Recorded by Tim Kerr in three separate sessions that included two at the fast becoming legendary Sarcophagus Studios and one other in Alberta City Alabama at 600 studios on broken gear in their friends grandmother’s rental house, these boys deliver 13 tracks of nitro-crack fueled Black Flag meets Black Oak Arkansas “skillet rock” stomp that head-on’s like a mosh pit at a monster truck rally! High-energy, southern-fried punk ‘n’ roll honed on the same house party circuit that sparked the likes of Man or Astro-Man?, The Quadrajets and The Immortal Lee County Killers. While comparisons to their comrades in arms are inevitable THE DEXTEENS have honed their own brand of three guitar spit n’ shine, pepperin’ their power chords with Byrdsian guitar bendin’ bravado and torn up vocal harmonies that will have you kickin’ yer heels so hard you’ll bust thru the boards! So, slap on those shit-kickers, reinforce the porch and get ready for the moonshine fueled, 44 Magnum propelled, Mountain Man Rock get down of THE DEXATEENS! Recorded by TIM KERR. Sleeve design by ART CHANTRY.