Hailing from Tucson AZ with ex & current jerks from the Weird Lovemakers, Resonars & Los Federales, The Knockout Pills unleash the followup to their creeper s/t 2003 debut and smack you head on with 13 tracks of shit-snot punk n’ roll blister pop blaze on thier “1+1=ATE” LP/CD! Self recorded on 4-track (after the proposed jump to 8-track was beaten down) at the band’s own swelteringly hot Coma Cave Studios, “1+1=ATE” serves up a high energy batch of well crafted songs (yeah, that’s right, SONGS, jackass) bridging the gap between a beer stained pile of revved up American & Aussie punk records of the 70s and a stack of choice US garage, British invasion and psych sides from the 60’s and pure ‘04 AZ foxfire...think early Digits, Husker Du, Saints, Byrdman, Teengenerate, Ramones, Cheap Trick, Real Kidz...Hell, you get the score. Loud Fast Rules....but NOT at the expense of hooks and harmonies [as seems to be the curse of so many bands lumped into this here “punk” scene of late]...These lizard stomping monkeyfuckers can blaze n’ graze with the best of the best and will have you both pounding yer fist and bopping yer head while shakin’ yer ass and busting chairs over your kid sisters boyfriends pointed little multi pierced head....dig? It’s simple math: 1+1=GREAT! THE KNOCKOUT PILLS “1+1=ATE” LP/CD ES2106 ...VINYL LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES.