THE MIDNIGHT EVILS "Breakin' It Down" CD ES2108

OH YEAH! Those Evils are at it again. It’s shot number three from these Minnesota meat heads,and it turns out to be their most bruising, brawling, ballistic guitar attack yet! Last time around, the Midnight Evils unleashed their never-ending party with plenty of flashy guitars and a bittersweet adieu from their vocalist Johnny. This time around, the boys blaze into life as a four piece and got RAW, with a rush of blistering guitar action, pounding drums, and Steve, Curan and Vandy handle the hollering quite nicely thank you very fucking much. Judging by the grizzled good-times, the rocket-propelled barroom fury, and the ashed-out bottom-of-the-bottle sting comprised on this new album, the band spent the past year or so getting WOUND THE FUCK UP, and they spend the next thirty minutes or so letting all that energy spin out like a stampede of circus geeks! Recorded once again at Sweatbox with the one and only Mr. Tim Kerr, this band will take you well past the hangover, straight through self-destruction, and on to the Promised Land, dragging you by the hair like a caveman. The safety goggles are not included. Recorded by TIM KERR. Sleeve design by AMY JO HENDRICKSON