Just what is Lemonade for Vampires? A tart summer beverage brewed to ward off the undead? A magical transfusion that keeps aging punk rockers young? A treat intended to cheer up the grouchy? Maybe it’s a way to strike a blow against evil by serving the bad guys something delicious they won’t like. To date, the world’s greatest minds have failed to answer this question.
In the meantime, here are a few things we do know about Lemonade for Vampires: It is the title of Gas Huffer’s seventh long-playing program (their second full-length release for Bellingham’s Estrus Records). It also represents the band’s first collaboration with producer Johnny Sangster, known for his work with Mudhoney, The Briefs, The Murder City Devils, The Fallouts, The Pulses, and many more of today’s popular combos.   

Mr. Sangster’s golden ear, combined with Gas Huffer’s penchant for high-energy rock and roll, makes Lemonade for Vampires a truly “can’t miss” listening experience. Witness the down-stroke driven punk of “Hold the Roll,” the junkyard chug of “Monument”, the pure pop of “Another Wafer, Please”, the bitter sweetness of “Mayfield”, the gruesome, lowdown swing of “Taco and a Bottle”, the mohawk wilting weirdness of “All Natural” or the apocalyptic nightmare of “Ruined” and you will start to get the picture. This recording is the effort of a musical group at the peak of its creative power.   

So, what is Lemonade for Vampires? Though we may have shed some light on the album, the true meaning of this phrase is still shrouded in mystery. We invite you, dear listener, to ponder and decide for yourself.