Batten down those buttflaps, Bonzo ‘cause Estrus Records has unleashed the fourth installment of their Sintacular CD Sampler series, THE ESTRUS KAMIKAZE ASS CHOMP N’ STOMP CD SAMPLER VOL. 4...BE WARNED!!! Aliens from the mysterious Planet X far off in space are invading Earth. Their scientific powers are far beyond ours, and their plans are incredibly evil. They use remote controls to operate the ESTRUS Music Monsters spread thruout the globe, destroying all the major cities in the world with Estronically charged Sonic Soundbeams of doom! THE ESTRUS KAMIKAZE ASS CHOMP N’ STOMP CD SAMPLER VOL. 4 - A Collection of 19 tracks of maniacal musical mayhem from the likes of: The Bobbyteens, The Dexateens, The Diplomats Of Solid Sound, DMBQ, the Dt’s, The Fall-Outs, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Federation X, Gas Huffer, The Insomniacs, The Knockout Pills, The Makers, Midnight Evils, The Mistreaters, The Mummies, Sugar Shack, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee, and The Von Zippers!!! To the beat of this music, these rampaging manical monsters destroy everything in their path. Nineteen knockout songs - Devastates Moscow!, Obliterates London!, Smashes Peking!, and Destroys Tokyo! - destroy large cities all over the world, one by one. Even The Mono Men, who have been locked in deep freeze statsis in an iceberg for thirteen years, have woken up to join in the action!! Earth is in terrible danger. Once again, these 19 musical monsters roar with the sound of 100% Estrophonic Rock N’ Roll... The greatest battle has started! Why can’t we do anything as we are frozen petrified in front of our stereos? Can the earth survive this crisis?? What can we do?? Slap it in, Turn it up and GET IT ON!!!  

Masahiro Kato / Void & Action! Magazine, Tokyo, JAPAN