es7102 Ok, Sparky strap on that crash helmet and get ready for a red-lined rock n' roll riot from Portland, Oregon's newest hitmakers THE SCREAMIN' FURYS and their Estrus Records debut, THE SCREAMIN' FURYS "WHY" 7" EP! A four song blast of sonic DDT that bears the monotypic mark of mid-period Miracle Workers, Real Kids and Pagans. Frenzied rock with a punk pedigree and no apologies. Power propelled guitar with edges rough enough to cut glass. Squares beware...this slab has a heart of pure cold. Don't wait Ītill the dope in back beats ya to the punch Poncho, savor a shard of double-barreled sonic reduction NOW...with THE SCREAMIN' FURYS "WHY" 7" EP! Limited edition of 1500.